Solution for NTLDR missing

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NTLDR file is missing” is a common message for all Windows XP user & disgusting error forever. This may occur if “MFT root folder” becomes fragmented severely or others. Today we will learn how ensure permanent Solution for NTLDR missing

Solution for NTLDR missing

  1. Insert Windows XP CD/DVD into your CD/DVD Rom Drive.
  2. Computer boot form inserted CD/DVD.
  3. Press R when appear the screen Press R= Repair, & you will see-



Which windows installation would you like to log into

( to cancel………………press enter )


  1. Now Press 1 & your password if necessary. You will see——

C:\ Windows>-

  1. Enter the CD/DVD Rom Drive. (Suppose your CD/DVD Rom Drive is E:)
  2. Type E: & Press Enter.

C:\ Windows>E:

  1. Type E:\ copy e:\i386\ntldr c:\ & Press Enter.

E:\ copy e:\i386\ntldr c:\

  1. You will see………

1 file(s) Copied

  1. Finally type E:\ exit & Press Enter

Frequently Computer will reboot &  you will get Solution for NTLDR missing  permanently. If you like this post or if you have any problem to do that please leave a comment.

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