Shortcut keys of Mozilla firefox

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We must need a browser when we go to browse Internet. Mozilla Firefox is a popular web browser all over the world. We should know all shortcut key of Mozill Firefox to make our work hurry. Below is listing of all major shortcut key of Mozilla Firefox.

Shortcut keys Operation
F5 Refresh page
F6 Select address bar.
F11 Display & the full screen mode. /Exit from the full screen mode.
Esc Stop page loading.
Ctrl + + Zoom in.
Ctrl + - Zoom out.
Ctrl + 0 Normal zoom of a page.
Ctrl + D Add a page as bookmark.
Ctrl + F Find in this page.
Ctrl + G Find again.
Ctrl + H Display the history window.
Ctrl + I Display available bookmark.
Ctrl + J Display the download window.
Ctrl + L Select address bar .
Ctrl + K Web search.
Ctrl + M Create a new massage.
Ctrl + N Create a new browser window.
Ctrl + P Print document.
Ctrl + R Reload page.
Ctrl + T Opens a new tab of browser.
Ctrl + U Display page source.
Ctrl + W Close current tab.
Ctrl + F4 Close current tab.
Ctrl + Shift + T Undo on closing window.
Alt + Left Arrow Back from a page.
Alt + Right Arrow Forward to a page.
Alt + Home Go to Home.

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