Common problems of Photoshop & it’s solutions!

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 Photoshop is most used & populated graphics editing software. For interactive feature & user friendly interface it’s become so famous. But we are to fall some problem when we go to work with it also. Today I will explain some of these problem & solutions. So let’s go to start-

 Problem1:- Changing shape of cursor is most disgusting problem for beginner.


Default shape of brush is circle or others that is defined previously & we can change its size, but if you find the shape as like as above picture! If you change its size to big or small, but no result fond, both are same! What will you do?

 Solution:- If the problem are same that is mention above then you don’t have to do anything without pressing “Caps Lock” button.

 Problem2:- You want to fill a color to background but you can’t; Not only that! Your brush tool, erase tool, gradient tool etc stop working.

Solution2:- It may because of-

Cause 1:- You may select some area of your art board by rectangular marquee tools or by others selection tools. To get ride form this problem deselects all selection. to do this press Ctrl+D or Click on Select–>Deselect from menu bar.


Cause 2:- You may working on a single channel. To be confirming, click on channel Platte & find the reality. If any single channel be selected change it to by RGB (if your color mode becomes RGB otherwise click on CMYK). See the below picture.


Cause 3:- Your mode may become change form Normal or Opacity from 100% of option bar. To get ride form this problem change Mode to Normal and Opacity to 100%. Change mode overly to Normal from below screen.


 Problem 3:- Suddenly all palette and tools bar become hide that was visible a few time ago. How will solve this problem?

 Solution3:- You may press Tab button of your keyboard. To solve this problem, press Tab button again.

 Problem 4:- Selection auto complete of Polygonal Lasso tool is another disgusting problem. To solve of this problem see the solution 4.

Solution4:- Generally it occurs onto windows 7 or windows vista. For solution find the photoshop.exe file form C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3\ & right click on it and select properties. Click on compatibility tab.  Click on checkbox of Run this program in compatibility mode for: and select Windows XP (Service Pack3) and Run this program as an administrator form Privilege Level. Finally click on apply and ok. I think your problem become solve. Please leave a comment of your opinion.

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