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Every Computer user must use Microsoft office Word. Users always want to complete his/her work quickly. Shortcut keys is the best way to complete your work quickly and easily. Microsoft Word has a lot of keyboard shortcuts that can increase your efficiency. Here we include just a few MS Office Word Shortcut keys that find particularly useful-

Shortcut keys Operation
Ctrl + N Open a new word document.
Ctrl + O Open a previous save document.
Ctrl + W Close the active window.
Ctrl + S Save document with its current file name.
Ctrl + P Print the active file.
Ctrl + X Cut (Removes) the selection.
Ctrl + C Copy the selection.
Ctrl + V Paste at the insertion point.
Ctrl + Z Undo the lest action.
Ctrl + Y Redo the lest action.
Ctrl + A Select all text and graphics in active document.
Ctrl + F Find (search) for any specific text.
Ctrl + H Replace text with your demand.
Ctrl + G GoTo any page, selection, line, etc in active document.
Ctrl + B Bold- Make text bold.
Ctrl + I Italic- Make text italic.
Ctrl + U Underline- Make text Underline.
Ctrl + L Left align of paragraph.
Ctrl + R Right align of paragraph.
Ctrl + E Centers align of paragraph.
Ctrl + D Font dialogue box.
Ctrl + K Insert a hyperlink.
Ctrl + M Paragraph indent from left.
Ctrl + T Create a hanging indent.
Ctrl + ] Increase font size.
Ctrl + [ Decrease font size.
Ctrl + F2 Print Preview.
Ctrl + 1 Single line space.
Ctrl + 2 Double line space.
Ctrl + 5 1.5 line space.
Ctrl + End To the end of a document.
Ctrl + Home To the beginning of a document
Shift + F3 Change selected case.
Shift + F7 Spelling and Grammar check.
Shift + Enter Insert a line break.
Ctrl + Shift + F Select Font.
Ctrl + Shift + P Select Font size.
Ctrl + Shift + S Select Style.
Ctrl + Shift + W Underline words but not spaces
Ctrl + Shift + D Double underline.
F4 Repeat the last action.
Alt + F4 Exit window.

Note: Many of these keyboard shortcuts work in other programs as well.

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