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Mask Pro is most valuable masking tool as a photoshop plugins which market prize is 99.95$ (99.95$ is market prize; not for you!). It’s essential masking tool to photoshop as a photoshop plugins.  Actually masking is the process of selecting and then erasing parts of an image. Typically, you select parts of the image you want to keep and then erase the areas you want to drop. You can then composite the image with a second image. Here is Mask Pro 4 User Guide for you that tell everything about this plugins step by step. You will get video tutorial too with the installation. Now I am going to show some screen shot maskpro.

 mask-pro ex1


mask-pro ex2

mask-pro ex3

Mask pro download for free from mediafire.

How to install?

Installing Plugins in Photoshop is not special thing. Just follow below steps or Click here to know how to install Photoshop Plugins.

Step-1: Run Mask Pro 4.1.4.exe

Step-2: Follow The Onscreen Instructions By The Installer

Step-3: When Finish Installing, Click Finish To Exit The Setup,

Step-4: When Your Ask To Register The Program, Use The Info Below To Register

Step-5: When Your Ask To Register The Copy Of The Program Select [ Never Register] Never


Done Enjoy !!! .


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  1. awesome posting ………..

  2. Harun says:

    Emon 1ta softwere ami onekdin khojechi , but ajke paia khob bhalo laglo…
    Thanks sir…….

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