Lock your PC by usb drive

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We know USB Pendrive Only for storage Data. But it is very interesting that we can use USB Drive like- Pendrive, Memory Card etc to protect our PC from unauthorized access. In this case the Pendrive used as a key of computer. If any bodies haven’t the pendrive he won’t be able to open the computer. To do this first of all downloads “predato.lock” software from here & Install on your PC.

Configure the software:

When below screen come to you press ok and insert your pendrive to your PC.

Check on “autoStart with window”.

Now type your password on “New Password” filed.

Click on “create key

A folder will create into your pendrive with the name of “predato.lock“. Never delete this folder. Because your computer will get password from this folder.


A message will inform you about your password changing. You will also see a lock figure with changing color, indicated that the program already starts to work. If you unplug your pendrive from your computer you screen will be black as stand by mode. Your computer again will be starts to work normally when you plug your pendrive in it.

NOTE: If you want to start your computer without the pen drive, Press “Enter key” for three times, then type your that password within 20 seconds.

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  1. wow!! that’s interesting. Thanks for sharing.
    Wanna get more tips :)
    and Good Luck.

  2. shuvo says:

    nice tips……… tnx for shear

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