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You may hear it is possible to Install Operating Systems within 5 minutes, but did you ever try yourself? Don’t you know how to install? Ok, No problem. Here I will introduce you with a important software that help you to Install Operating Systems within 5 minutes. Actually it takes a backup of your all windows application & if you loss your windows or missing then you can restore that backup file. You can restore all of your software & driver with windows within 5 minutes. Below is the instruction of all tasks with screen shoot of Acronis True Image Home 2010.

Download the Acronis True Image Home 2010  from here. & install with serial key. This is not free software but you can download trial version. Now you need to create a bootable CD. Don’t worry; it is so easy & optional.

Working Procedure:


Create a bootable CD:-

-Click on start>programs >Acronis> Acronis True Image Home 2010>Bootable Rescue Media Builder.

welcome2acronis_media_builder-Click on Next button.

acronis_rescue_media_contents_selection Select Acronis True Image Home (Full version) & click on Next.

acronis_select_cd-Select CD-RW Drive & Click on Next button.

acronis_media_builder_procide-Click on Proceed.

Within few minutes bootable CD will be create. Now keep this CD in a safe place. We need it when we will go to install windows.


Backup of windows:-

Some task before taking windows backup-
1.You need a fresh window. If possible, install it newly.
2.Update your antivirus & all necessary application
3.Uninstall your all un-necessary application.
4.Delete all un-necessary files & folder from C: Drive & My Document.

Note:- Decorate your Computer as your like best.

-Now open Acronis True Image Home 2010 from start>programs >Acronis> Acronis True Image Home 2010.

acronis_backup-Click on backup option which is selected by red arrow.

acronis_disk__partition_backup -Click on Disk and Partition Backup Option.

acronis_partition_to_backup-Select your Drive where your Operating System is installed.

acronis_brows_backup_archive-Click on brows button

acronis_select_source-Now select any Drive without C: & CD/DVD Drive. You can also take backup to Pendrive with NTFS formatted. Then click on Generate name. You can change the backup name as your want then click on OK button.

acronis_target_backup_archive -You can change the backup name as your want then click on OK button.

acronis_backup_procide -Now Click on Proceed button. Just wait 5-15 minute to compete your backup process. You will get a message when backup process competes.


Backup Restore:-

There are two way to restore your backup. They are-
1.Directly from windows.
2.With bootable CD.

Restore directly from windows.

-Open Acronis True Image Home 2010 from start>programs >Acronis> Acronis True Image Home 2010.

acronis_diskpartition_recovary -Select “Disk and Partition Recovery” from Recovery menu.

acronis_brows-Click on brows button


 acronis_select_source-Now brows your backups file and click on OK.

acronis_backup_source-Now select as like as above picture and click on Next button.

acronis_select_item2recover -Now select as like as above picture and click on Next button.

acronis_backup_procide-Click on Proceed button.

acronis_windows_reboot-Now click on Reboot button. Your computer will be Reboot and install the Operating System & it will be within 4/5 minutes.

Restore with bootable CD:

-Ensure your first boot device selected as CD/DVD ROM.

-Insert your bootable CD into CD/DVD ROM Drive & Restart your computer. Computer will start with Acronis automatically. Select Acronis True Image 2010 option from two options.

-Next steps are as like as Directly Restore form windows. So follow that step.

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