How to Disable the Error Reporting from Windows XP

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Most of us use Windows XP & when an application crashed in Windows XP, probably you get a request to send error reporting to Microsoft. If you are user of licensed version of Windows XP then Microsoft will solve these errors by microsoft reporting system ; if you are not? Then, these requests can become a little irritating. At that moment you should stop that error reporting. Do you know how to stop error reporting feature of windows xp?


To disable Error reporting:

  •  At first Right-click on My Computer icon on the desktop or in the Start menu and select “Properties” to open the System Properties window.
  • Clicked the “Advanced” tab.


  •  Click on the button “Error Reporting” which is located at the bottom right of the System Properties window.


  • Select the item “Disable error reporting”. It is advisable to leave a tick in the check box that says “But notify me when critical errors occur”.
  • Click “OK” to exit the “Error Reporting” window and then click “OK” again to exit System Properties.


Note: If you perform these tasks you never be asked to send error reports to Microsoft again, but you will still receive error messages that might help with troubleshooting.

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