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Every Netizens have a facebook account & facebook is the most viewed social networking website all over the world. Most of time we want to spend with friends from facebook. To accelerate this task I have some facebook keyboard shortcuts  to share with you.


Google Chrome Shortcuts:-

Alt+1: New Feed

Alt+2: To see Profile

Alt+3: Pop-Up of Friend Requests

Alt+4: Pop-Up of Messages

Alt+5: Pop-Up of Notifications

Alt+6: Account Setting

Alt+7: Privacey Setting

Alt+8: To see own Facebook Profile

Alt+9: Read latest terms of service agreement

Alt+? Search

Alt+M: Create new Message


FireFox Shortcuts :

For FireFox browser use shift with the above shortcut keys.

Shift+Alt+1: New Feed

Shift+Alt+2: To see Profile

Shift+Alt+3: Pop-Up of Friend Requests

Shift+Alt+4: Pop-Up of Messages

Shift+Alt+5: Pop-Up of Notifications

Shift+Alt+6: Account Setting

Shift+Alt+7: Privacy Setting

Shift+Alt+8: To see own Facebook Profile

Shift+Alt+9: Read latest terms of service agreement

Shift+ Alt+?: Search

Shift+Alt+M: Create new Message

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