Colorful Image in black & white background (photoshop effects)

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You may see this type of effect that, a colorful image in a black & white background. I know you are so courious to do this into your picture. That’s why I will tell you how to do this photoshop effects. So let’s go to start.

Atfirst take a photo as your wish & open it with photoshop. See the bottom of layer pallete; there is a button name of “Create new fill & Adjustment leyer”, click on it & select “Hue/Saturation” option. If Layer pallete don’t show, then click on layer from window menu.

select hue saturation

A pop-up of Hue/Saturation appear to you. Bring the hue slider at lefr or input -180 instead of 0. Again bring the saturation slider at lefr or input -100 instead of 0.

Bring hue to -180 Saturation to -100

Click on OK button if everything complete fairly. Your total picture will be black. Now select Brush from tool bar, your cursor will be a circul.

select brush tool
Set black color as “set foreground color”.

set foregraund color

Now drag on which part that you want to see as colorful. What’s happen? Of course you are seeing as like as below picture that becoming colorful.

drag with brush tool

If you continue, finally you will get below effect on your picture.

Final effect

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