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What can’t do by Photoshop? If you have little Graphic Design (Use of Photoshop, Illustrator) knowledge you can pass your leisure as amusingly. I Today I am sharing you a Photoshop tips to change colors in Photoshop using Photoshop color replace tool. This graphic design tips similar to Easy Photoshop tutorials for beginners – Green banana to ripe. It’s really easy to do & nothing without fun. Before doing; see , what we are going to make!

I am sure you are so curious to learn how to change color in photoshop right now. Hummm, lets go…………


How to Change colors in Photoshop

Run any version of Photoshop & Open an image like this-

change colors in photoshop1

Click on Image menu–>Adjustments–>Replace Color.

Frequently you get photoshop color replace tool

photoshop color replace tool

Now select the color form image that you want to change. You may move the Slider of Fuzziness to the left or right to adjust selection area. If you move the Slider of Fuzziness to the right from photoshop color replace tool then selection area will increase or if you move the Slider of Fuzziness to the left from photoshop color replace tool then selection area will decrease.


Move the Slider of Hue, Saturation & see the preview.

When you satisfy to the color then click ok button. Hope you will get the image like below.

change colors in photoshop2

You may see the video tutorial too—————————–. If you like my this post; please leave a comment.

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  1. Harun says:

    Beautiful tips …..
    Thanks a lot Admin ….
    Go ahead …..

  2. bappy halder says:

    valo jenish seklam vai.

    many many thanks………….,

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