Business Card Design in Photoshop

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Everybody or every company likes to have a beautiful unique business card. There are may software to Design a Business Card such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, visual business card etc. In this tutorial I will tell you how to Design Business Card, standard business card size etc. So, why pay someone to make business cards for you when you can do it yourself?
Let’s get started.

Run your Adobe Photoshop application. Click on file and take a new file with the size of 3.75″ width, 2.25″ height & resolution will be 300 dpi. Select Color Mode as CMYK Color, then click on ok button.


Once the document is created, first thing we need to add some guide to show us where the edges of the Business Card and where the bleed started.

  • To do this click Ctrl+R or go to view menu then click rulers.
  • Now click and hold down the ruler and drug over the document.

Make sure that, the document is as like as picture below.


  • Safety Margin: 1.75″×3.25″
  • Cut Line: 2″×3.5″
  • Bleed Margin: 2.25″×3.75″
  • Create a Layer (Ctrl+Shift+N)
  • Select paint bucket tool from the Tools bar & Select Pattern from the option bar as fill color & fill the wood pattern.
  • Now create a path like below picture. & press ctrl+enter to select this path


  • Crate a new layer again.
  • Fill black color on the layer by paint bucket tool.


  • Now draw a circle with the Elliptical Marquee tool.
  • Crate a new layer again.
  • Fill “D1943F” Color here with the paint bucket tools.


  • Go to Layer menu then Layer Style & select Bevel & Emboss
  • Change the Depth by 80, Size 70.
  • Now complete the writing of Business Card as you want. To do this you can follow below’s Business Card


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